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Jet City Films is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) ®1998. Owned and operated by Brian Young, it is an award-winning, for profit, film production company with the goal of producing feature length and short films for distribution in the domestic, international, theatrical and home DVD and VOD marketplaces.

BrianYoungBrian Young

An award winning writer/director with a background in photography, fine art, history and theatre production. Brian started creating films at the age of fifteen and had his narrative feature film theatrical debut in 1999 with “COUNTING DAYS”.

Brian’s film projects include the epic scaled, Telly award-winning  “CHAPEL HILL” an American Civil War film which incorporated hundreds of actors, stunts and battle scenes. He recently garnered multiple awards including “Best of Festival” for his short film “IN THE GARDEN GROWING

The EMMY NOMINATEDTHE MOUNTAIN RUNNERS,” features the talents of William B. Davis (X-Files "Smoking Man") and Kevin Tighe (LOST, What's Eating Gilbert Grape) and has been covered in national publications and won multiple awards on the international film festival circuit from Innsbruck, Austria to Eugene, Oregon. The film has screened on three continents as well as theaters across the US. “The Mountain Runners” television broadcast debut was in May 2013.

Brian has also taught “Advanced Feature Film Production Techniques” at the Northwest Film School and is frequently invited to speak at schools and universities. He was honored to be Master of Ceremonies and moderator at the “Native Experience in Film Festival.”

RED TIDE, his current project with Producer/Writer Chris Donaldson, is a horrific, sci-fi thriller, Watch the trailer and get more information at:

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