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red tide


Feature film: Horror
A Marine Biologist and her research team discover a radioactive ship washed ashore from the Japanese Tsunami, and find themselves in a fight for their lives against a mutant creature that could destroy the world.
Who will survive the RED TIDE?

red tide

The Mountain Runners

Emmy Nominated, award-winning feature-length documentary
1911. Fourteen runners will start, only a few will finish. The incredible true story of the Mount Baker Marathon, America's first mountain adventure race.

Official website | Watch the trailer | Purchase the DVD

in the garden growing

In the Garden Growing

An award winning short film
Trouble is brewing in Frank and Flo's marriage...
and the reason is in the cellar.

Counting Days
Feature film: Drama
"Sometimes the end is just the beginning."
Feature length drama

In Development

Feature film script: Supernatural Thriller
After a horrific accident, a world-famous opera singer finds himself disfigured, quadriplegic...and accused of his wife's murder. He encounters a nurse with a supernatural ability that allows him the chance to clear his name via an out-of-body experience where he returns as his old self.

Spirit Water
Feature film script: Family Drama
Time is running out for a dying Native American to visit the grave of his son, a war hero buried at Normandy. He can only achieve his dream with the help of a young friend named Charles, a three- legged dog named Custer, and a home-made drink called "Spirit Water."

NEWS: Jet City Films is proud to announce "Off the Horse" has chosen to help support the production of this film.

Action/Adventure Graphic Novel
To stop a horrific serpent from ruling the waves, a young sailor learns he must steal a mermaid from a ruthless freak-show owner and return her to the sea, only to discover that she is the girl he loved…who drowned three years before

Chapel Hill
Feature film script: Drama
Love, War, Treachery and Fate.
An epic love story set during the American Civil War.


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